Event-Driven Apps

Events, Messages and Streams

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at Live, virtual workshop

Language: English

Price: 150€ (+19% MwSt. [VAT])

Streaming, event processing and batch processing are popular technologies and often misused as a better "RPC".

In this workshop we will focus on killer use cases, as well as planning, architecting and designing streaming, messaging, batch / microbatch systems.


Java EE / Jakarta EE / MicroProfile knowledge (I will use Java EE concepts to explain streaming and messaging).


In this advanced workshop I would like to explain the most significant features with working code and prepared examples. As a reference, you will get a GIT repository with all snippets and solutions, as well as prepared sample applications.

A developer laptop with pre-installed Java 11(+), GIT-client and Maven 3 is required to run the examples. You can run the examples if you like, or "hack" along with me, but taking notes is perfectly viable as well.

Environment requirements / prerequisites.

I/we will spend 90% of the time in code.

Feel free to contact me / register via email: workshops[-AT-] adam-bien.com