A developer laptop with pre-installed Java / openJDK 17+ GIT-client and Maven 3 is required to build and run the code. You can "hack" along with me, or just take notes.

I will use Visual Studio Code for basic editing.

To run the examples you will need an IDE with good maven support such as netbeans or intelliJ. For simultanous / continous deployments to multiple servers I will use

To verify your environment, create a quarkus project: mvn io.quarkus.platform:quarkus-maven-plugin:3.1.1.Final:create, then start the app from the create directory with: mvn quarkus:dev. A GET request to the following endpoint: http://localhost:8080/hello should return "Hello RESTEasy"

In the cloud-related workshops I will use docker and various public clouds for demonstration purposes.