JavaEE Web Frameworks

Java EE Web Frameworks

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at Munich Airport

Language: English

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Learn how to architect and design User Interfaces with Java EE and how to choose the right presentation framework.

We will discuss server-centric frameworks Vaadin, JSF, as well as, Java FX and discuss the impact of the choice on productivity, maintainability and flexibility.

Our goal is to choose the right presentation framework for the job and integrate it seamlessly with the Java EE backend.


Advanced Java EE knowledge or attendance at the Effective Java EE workshop. Java EE Architecture workshop attendance or comparable skills are recommended.


Web frameworks shoot-out
Presentation patterns, MVP, Passive View, Supervising Controller, Presentation Model and MVVM
Native Apps vs. Web Apps
Server-centric frameworks
Java Server Faces 2.2 (JSF), JSR-344 (PrimeFaces)
Action Based Frameworks: vRaptor (Struts, Wicket)
Native Java Applications
Java FX architectural overview
Architecting, testing and deployment
Integration strategies
Native protocols
REST / JAX-RS with optimizations
Stateful vs. Stateless Applications
Architectures for task oriented and problem solving applications
Data binding with rich and anemic domain models
Input validation strategies
User Interface Testing

In this advanced workshop I will code different UI strategies, not the whole end-to-end application. As a reference, you will get a GIT repository with all snippets and solutions, as well as prepared sample applications.

You will need a modern laptop (> 2 GB RAM, fast hard disk, etc.) with pre-installed JDK 1.6 / 1.7 to get the most from this workshop. We will install the rest of the environment together in the first 10 minutes.

We will spend 50% of the time with code and the other half discussing best practices, hacks and workarounds.

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Feel free to contact me / register via email: workshops[-AT-]