Building Applications

Building Java EE 7 Applications

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Language: English

Price: 357€ (19% MwSt. [VAT] included)

Apply your knowledge from there regular airhacks workshops and build a fully fledged application in one day.

We will define the requirements, you will build the application with Java EE 7 app on Java 8 and I will fix the errors.


Java EE 7 / Java 8 knowledge or attendance at the Effective Java EE and Java EE Architectures workshops.


Short tooling discussion: IDEs, Maven, Gradle, Gulp, Sonar, Testing (whatever help us to solve the problem)
Setup an efficient build system
Map the functional and non-functional requirements to code
Test what matters
Structure your code for productivity
Eliminate noise and bloat
Pragmatic quality, CI and CD
We will use whatever appropriate APIs from Java EE 7 and Java 8 to solve a challenge in real time
Choose the appropriate UI technology for the task
Pragmatic documentation

This workshop is going to be different. We will together decide the use case and implement a "high quality" application together. You will spend the most time in the IDE and I will only code "on demand", fix your errors, challenge you, or break things on purpose :-). The control is going to be truly inverted in the workshop.

If you already attended the prerequisite workshops Effective Java EE and Java EE Architectures, you have the skill to build Java EE applications from scratch.

You will need a modern laptop (8 GB RAM, fast hard disk, etc.) with pre-installed JDK 1.8, Maven, Git and your favorite IDE to get the most from this workshop. To validate your environment try to clone, build, test and deploy the application BCE archetype.

Our goal is to spend 100% of the time in the IDE.

Feel free to contact me / register via email: workshops[-AT-]