Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda

All about serverless Java

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With serverless, event-driven architectures combined with "cloud-native" AWS managed services, you can entirely focus on implementing business logic and ignore the boring plumbing.

Java is fast, which helps you save cloud costs and comes with excellent build tools and IDEs, making you more productive.

I will continuously code, explain, and deploy serverless AWS applications in this interactive workshop.

This workshop focuses on building serverless applications with AWS Lambda, Java (JVM and GraalVM), and AWS managed services like AWS API Gateway, EventBridge, S3, Kinesis, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB.


Basic AWS and Java SE / Java EE / Jakarta EE / MicroProfile experience (I will use Java concepts to explain FaaS, HA, functions, triggers, events, containers, metrics, configuration).


  • a short introduction to AWS basics (VPC, IAM, accounts, storage and organizations)
  • an introduction to serverless compute and storage
  • Continuous deployment with AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
  • Higher productivity with cloud infrastructure reuse
  • killer business- and use cases for serverless applications
  • migrations from monolithic kubernetes / containers to serverless "fat" functions
  • Java: bytecode vs. native execution
  • Productivity with "fat" functions and MicroProfile
  • Synchronous and asynchronous AWS Lambdas
  • Event-driven Architectures with AWS Event Bridge, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK)
  • Kafka vs. Kinesis
  • CI/CD deployments with AWS Lambda
  • Zero-downtime deployments
  • Blue-green deployments
  • Lambda Versioning strategies
  • Packaging AWS Lambdas with Maven into applications
  • Saving costs with AWS Lambda
  • Lambda destinations
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Metrics, traces, logs and audits with CloudWatch, X-Ray and CloudTrail
  • AWS Event Bridge
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • AWS Lambda with an Application Load Balancer
  • Amazon SQS
  • Amazon SNS
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Accesssing serverless relational database like Amazon Aurora Serverless (PostgreSQL)
  • featuring: Quarkus, Helidon and Micronaut
  • ...
  • ...and most popular questions, topics and technologies from

In this advanced workshop I will discuss and implement cloud native Java / Jakarta EE / MicroProfile applications in serverless AWS cloud. As a reference, you will get a GIT repository with all snippets and solutions, as well as prepared sample applications.

A developer laptop with pre-installed Java 11 (AWS Lambda currently only runs on Corretto 11), GIT-client, AWS CLI, and Maven 3 is required to run the examples. You can run the examples if you like, or "hack" along with me, but taking notes is perfectly viable as well.

I will use my AWS account to live deploy the applications and explain various AWS services.

Environment requirements / prerequisites.

I/we will spend 80% of the time in code--it also highly depends on your questions.

Feel free to contact me / register via email: workshops[-AT-]


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