CD, Testing and Quality

Focus On: Java EE 8 / MicroProfile Testing, Deployment, Automation and Code Quality

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at Munich Airport

Language: English

Price: 357€ (19% MwSt. [VAT] included)

Who cares whether we test first, last or in between?

All measures leading to less bugs and higher quality are highly welcome. This workshop covers from Unit Tests, over mocking, to Integration-, System-, Stress- and Functional Tests with Focus On Java EE 8 in a dogma-free fashion.

Just good coverage is not enough, only a high degree of automation reduces bugs without negatively impacting the productivity.


Java EE knowledge or attendance at the Effective Java EE 8 workshop. Java EE Architecture workshop attendance or comparable skills are recommended.

Goals / Topics

In this workshop I'm going to explain the agenda with working build and deployment pipelines. We will discuss the approaches to real world testing, automation and optimizations on real world code and in real time. According to long tradition, the attendees will get all the examples in real time.

As a reference, you will get a GIT repository with all samples and solutions, as well as the prepared sample applications. Also a GIT repository is going to be used throughout our course, so you will be able to synchronize your projects at any time. (ZIP snapshots will be available as well in nearly real time:-))

You will need a modern laptop with pre-installed Java 8/9, GIT-client, and Maven 3 to get the most from this workshop. We will install the rest of the environment together in the first 10 minutes.

We will spend 70% of the time with code and the remaining part discussing best practices, hacks and workarounds.

Feel free to contact me / register via email: workshops[-AT-]